Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Traverse space and time, journey roads less-travelled and navigate the familiar in a novel way. Introducing EcoCaddy tours; an intimate, eco-tourism experience of Adelaide that is sure to deliver.

Suitable for personal and group-bookings as well as events, EcoCaddy Tours boasts an unrivalled ability to ride the footpaths, cycleways, parkways, laneways, courts of this city and more. Let us move you as we detox traffic, quit congestion, omit the routine and permit curiosity to take hold as we encounter landscapes, architecture and history in this truly unique eco-friendly, cycling tour. There is no experience like it.

EcoCaddy Tours. Where will you go?

A brilliant 2 hours full of fun, hosted by Daniels, who showed us the highlights of Adelaide including landscapes, architecture and history and some of the City’s hidden treasures that most locals don’t even know! Top class eco-friendly equipment (rickshaws) and a top class guide that I would recommend to anyone!
— Customer - Lana Oliver


...views of what we see and do in beautiful Adelaide...




Roll with us to discover the highlights of the Adelaide's central business district (CBD) and what makes it fun. This tour gives you a look at a large proportion of the CBD allowing one to quickly understand it's make up and orientate themselves to it's key attractions. Perfect for new comers or return visitors that need an update on all the city's happenings.


EcoCaddy Tours presents The Green Tour (1 hour). A one-hour getaway and cosmopolitan escape to the urban greenery that characterises Adelaide. Venture through the cycle-dedicated Adelaide Parklands Trail on a route that will encounter Adelaide's parks, gardens and more. The green tour provides an informative, fun and curiosity-filled hour suitable for those who are new to Adelaide as well as residents.


Introducing the full EcoCaddy Tour of Adelaide. This two hour journey offers an unmatched opportunity to encounter the best of Adelaide's CBD, plus an exploration of its green belt in the most incomparable of ways. Highlights include the gardens of the South Parklands and the Riverbank Precinct.

This full tour shows the highlights of the CBD, with a background on the history of Adelaide, and gives a real feel for how the locals live as we traverse the urban realm through vogue city streets like Halifax, before diving deep into the green belt. 

This complete exploration of everything Adelaide has to offer is an exciting opportunity for visitors and residents alike to spend 2 hours immersed in Adelaide with one of our fantastic guides.


Prices are per EcoCaddy (for two persons)

1 hour tour // $100.00 

2 HOUR TOUR  //  $150.00

* Includes hotel pick-up and drop- off in the Adelaide CBD

* Concessions for pensioners and children are available - please inquire below.



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