Friday Frienday #21 - Baxter William

Baxter William

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Baxter William left school at fifteen, moved out of home shortly after that and, with his camera by his side, began forging a career where few saw one possible. 

He first picked up a camera in year 8 and was shocked by the feedback; "people thought my photography was really good and it was after that feedback that I realised I could turn this into a career."

At school Baxter excelled in art and science and it's no coincidence that photography is a mixture of both of those elements. He developed a passion early after finding his father's camera, a modest piece of technology that taught him the basics. By his sixteenth birthday he'd saved up enough money to upgrade his set-up. 

"When I dropped out of school it was a pretty even split of advice. Some of my teachers really encouraged me and thought it was great, others completely ridiculed the idea and wanted me to stay. In the end, the decision was already made in my mind."

The decision came after Baxter skipped school for a week to shoot a Fashion Festival here in Adelaide. Halfway through they caught him doing so and that's when he made the decision to follow his passion.

"I left school and home and started couch surfing. Sometimes work was really hard to come by and that sucked, but changing up what I was doing helped solve that issue."

"Those years taught me a lot about being independent, resourceful and how to best manage my time."

He started working with musicians and eventually scored a gig working with the photography team that shoot international DJ, Tigerlilly.

"Word of mouth plays a big part" explains Baxter, when talking about how his popularity on social media has grown rapidly.

"I try to present myself as a business and as a brand, and I work as much as I can with high profile people. When you do that, you meet all sorts of people, who then introduce you to everyone else."

There is a darkside, he concedes, "I've had people hack into my instagram account and sabotage my content. That not only loses your followers but disrupts your messaging and your brand and loses the trust that you've worked so hard to build."

He's working full-time right now and has plenty on the boil, including a few projects that he's keeping under wraps. Trust us, we couldn't squeeze it out of him.

Looking ahead, Baxter is shooting the WestConnex upgrade in Sydney and will be flying over to France very soon.

We really enjoy Baxter's work and you can too via his Instagram; @baxter.william.

Happy Friday Frienday Baxter!