Friday Frienday #20 - Delinquente Wine Co.



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Meet Greg Grigoriou; he's the owner and operator of Delinquente Wine Co and chances are he's someone  you would have seen swirling a drop at a local bar. 

When he's not producing it he's drinking it, but that doesn't automatically make him a connoisseur. In fact, he makes an effort to convince us that he isn't, "just because I make wine doesn't mean I know everything about it. I just enjoy it, my palate is pretty standard to be honest."

"It's all about identifying flavours and smells. The more you can identify the better your palate. Some people are born with it and some people train it."

If Greg were to visit a blood donation centre, there's a very good chance that Red Cross would extract wine from his veins, not blood. He grew up on a vineyard that his grandfather owned and ran, which his father then took over and eventually it came time for Greg to do something of his own. 

"You know intrinsically what you're going to do. My whole childhood was on a vineyard. My school holidays were spent between the vines. When it came time for me to do something, I didn't really want to do wine, but then I had this idea (the idea of Delinquente) and I had the contacts and I made it happen."


"My father was supportive of my idea but he didn't like a few aspects."

One of those was the fact that he put the growing region on the label. The grapes are grown in South Australia's Riverland, which, as Greg explains, isn't held in high regard around the country; "The Riverland is regarded as the home of bulk wine. Grapes are grown for bulk use, including cask wine and exports. So to promote that on your label was considered silly and my Dad disagreed with it."

But it hasn't hurt the business at all and it goes to show that a good brand is vital, which Delinquente clearly have.

"The quality to price ratio is absolutely outstanding. You can't get that anywhere else. We're growing small batch Southern Italian varieties and the conditions of the two regions match perfectly, it's hot, windy and dry. So why not promote that?"

Delinquente's branding; comic book style faces, were created by artist Jason Krause, which Greg is really proud of; "The faces are creations and they're partially designed by people that Jason knows but there's also an element of pop culture references."

"I think everyone sees someone they know or someone famous in them. When Taylor Walker had his mullet, people saw him on the label" laughs Greg.

"You need to remember that they're characters, sure they're funny looking but there's a lot of fair dinkum emotion behind it. Jason made a comic book about one of the characters and it's exceptional. It's a comic book about his origins and his existence. It's about him being a delinquent even though he doesn't want to be. They're personal and that's important."

There's 6 varieties on the market and that's more than enough according to Greg. But he's already thinking about what else he's going to work on, and that includes tackling the classic Italian beverage Grappa. We can't wait.

Bottoms up, It's Friday! 

Happy Friday Frienday Delinquente Wine Co!