Friday Frienday #18 - YEWTH


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Caleb Sweeting is one quarter of the team behind YEWTH, a magazine and website dedicated to the youth, providing great content for everyone. The other members are Dave Court, Lewis Brideson and Courtney Duka.

He was one of the first work experience students to be taken on by CityMag's Farrin Foster and Joshua Fanning, back when they were running Collect. It was an internship that taught him just about everything he knew at the time.

Born out of need, Caleb noticed in year 10 there wasn't a magazine for the skating and BMX industry. So, when a school project came up to create something similar, he jumped on the chance. They're now up to issue 6 which is about to be released and the brand is thriving.

"It was hard at first because I would go to launches, but I wasn't able to drink beer because I was under 18. That aspect also made it difficult to get sponsors on board, but eventually we got older and then reapproached those same people and we had better luck." 

After a few years of dedication, YEWTH combined forces with the 1 & 3 blog, which has given them the opportunity to produce more content and reach a wider audience.

Other than the print issue, YEWTH also DJ local night clubs and parties, with Fat Controller on Bank Street a favourite. It stems from the team ensuring they do more than less.

Sweeting's motto is that Print Is Not Dead, he loves the idea of being able to get your hands on a hard copy of something and being able to break it without any major concern. It's a rationale we truly support. Following the cease in publication of Rip It Up, and no huge player stepping in to fill the void, Issue 6 is sure to be a cracker and one that will hopefully go a long way in getting more of you reading more regularly.

Get you hands on one of the 2500 copies today and sink your teeth into some excellent content.

Happy Friday Frienday YEWTH!