Friday Frienday #14 - Archie & Co


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Adam Hadley Darrie had a big part to play in the meteoric rise in popularity of the East End. He was part of a three person group that ran SAD Cafe and Das.Hair, both which continue to go strong without his influence. But the time came for a new adventure and he and his partner, Paul Engelhardt, set their sights on an under utilised area of the CBD.

Together they're now pouring the same innovation and enthusiasm into Archie & Co. They've opened on Carrington Street, a part of our city that is so often is ignored. Equipped with the refined knowledge of what works and what doesn't, Adam & Paul are operating the same concept of a hair salon and cafe side by side, with the added bonus of a furniture store (well, kind of). 

The move from the bustling East End might have raised the eyebrows of a few of you, but for Adam, it was all about putting the customer's expectations first - especially regulars.

"It's not as busy as Ebenezer, but for the hair salon it's better because before people would walk by or come in for only one appointment and not return. That would make us busy and it meant we couldn't look after our regulars as much" - Adam Hadley Darrie

They both live right behind Archie & Co and they're strong advocates for living in the CBD, suggesting there's no better place to be, especially when you can live, work and contribute to the fabric of the community - a sentiment we live by here at EcoCaddy!

As for the furniture; some of it's up for sale, too. They scourer the local classifieds, estate sales and of course, Gumtree, hunting for furniture and pieces that have character that, in a way, tell a story. Selling the shopfront is a unique approach to take, but it's one that has it's positives; "It allows for constant change" Paul laughs. "The idea that this furniture belonged to someone before and it has it's own story. We want to keep that story going. So people can come in, have a coffee, sit on a comfortable chair and then, if they want, buy that chair!"

Visit the salon for a chop, or grab a coffee (or a chair) on Carrington Street.