Friday Frienday #16 - Paddy's Lantern

Paddy's Lantern

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Paddy's Lantern is the Adelaide CBD's equivalent to Wally, the (presumably) charming bespectacled character that you need to find, hidden away in the chaos of a bustling CBD (or Roman Empire, take your pick).

While there are other cafes around the place, like Wilma, Wanda and Odlaw, none of them really match up to finding Wally. He's the real deal and finding him comes with great satisfaction. 

When you eventually do find Paddy's Lantern there is similarly a great sense of satisfaction to be had. That usually comes in exceptional coffee and delicious food, made from produce sourced locally. In fact, it's so good, you'll be led to believe that it is indeed a work of magic, performed by none other than Wizard Whitebeard.

Where's Wally comparisons aside, Paddy's Lantern can be found right out in the South West corner of the CBD. A few minutes further than our workshop, in fact. But the location was chosen on purpose, says owner Sam.

"Have you seen that ceiling?" he laughs, "There was absolutely no foot traffic. I came at different times of the day and scoped the area and it was dead, but I just backed myself in."

"I think I got in just at the right time, on the cusp of everyone talking about and wanting good coffee. Currently, I think the market is a bit saturated. It was fortunate because I hate pushing it hard on the internet" he laughs.

"Addict is a nasty word. Being dependant just sounds so much nicer than being an addict."

For Sam, Paddy's Lantern was born out of necessity. He faced a long spell on the couch following a troublesome back, which required two surgeries. Opportunities to re-enter the workforce were few and far between, so he decided to open his own place.

But it hasn't been all smooth sailing, which he puts down to his lack of willingness to take holidays and overall acceptance of a 6-day working week. Eventually it took it's toll but his loving partner supported him through and Paddy's Lantern, to our appreciation, lives on. 

Don't be a Wally, visit Paddy's for your next lunch.

Happy Friday Frienday Paddy's Lantern!