Friday Frienday #012 - The Love Lettery

What is love? (Baby don't hurt me)


Ah, that old chestnut. The question we desperately seek an answer for. Valentines Day is just around the corner and while some not-so-optimistic romancers out there might dismiss it as a Halmark-Day, others, like Ella Walker & Sonia Mir of The Love Lettery, see it as a great day. 

Ella & Sonia met while working together at Renewal SA. They bonded over their love of words, having started in PR & Marketing, and the vacancy in the recently-refurbished Topham Mall spurred them into opening up what is a truly lovely idea. If you have an urge to express your admiration for someone (or perhaps, something) then visit the ladies, spend some time explaining it with them & voila, a few days later you'll have a beautifully crated love letter that you can either hand write yourself or get professional calligraphers to scribe. 

It's that old school romance that has seemingly disappeared from our technologically driven lives that spurred the ladies into action. Though, it's not all that bad, as Ella explains "I actually met my boyfriend on Tinder... but the old-school romance of writing a love letter seems to have disappeared. It's a niche idea that currently no one is offering in SA."

"This Morning, With Her, Having Coffee" - Johnny Cash, when asked for his definition of paradise. A quote the ladies adore.

While you can get a bit more hot & heavy, like one gentlemen did when with the assistance of The Love Lettery by writing his wife-to-be a special message for her wedding day, it can also be something for first time infatuation or a wedding anniversary. The ladies are like painters with a canvas and a brush, all you need to do is supply the paint.

So if you're feeling the desire to express your love to someone, then pop in and see Ella & Sonia in The Love Lettery. They may not have a PhD in Love Doctory, but they can sure prescribe your relationship a much needed dose of romance.