Friday Frienday #24 - Splash Adelaide

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Ideas. We all have them. They can be big and ambitious, or small and achievable. But no matter the size, realising a dream isn't always the easiest task.

Cue Splash Adelaide.

Splash Adelaide is an Adelaide City Council initiative that started five years ago. What eventuated were events that activated spaces, communities, cultures and businesses. The Waymouth Street Party was one of the inaugural events and it overwhelmingly proved that ideas can work, you just need the right team behind you. 

And that's what makes Splash Adelaide such a wonderful initiative. If you fast forward to the present day, all of the initiatives are now community led events. It's something the three girls in charge, Vicky, Tanja and Kirsten are immensely proud of.

"It's great because it makes the city liveable. Some of the most recognisable community events started with Splash Adelaide."

Some of those include the Adelaide Night Markets, Fork In The Road and Feast On Foot, to name but a few.

The three of them became involved after working in various areas within the Adelaide City Council. We met them through our involvement with the Splash Adelaide program, running our EcoCaddy Night Rides, which you're welcome to join, by the way. 


"The ultimate aim is that we support people with ideas to the point that they can stand on their own two feet."

Each concept can apply for three seasons of support with Splash Adelaide. Over those three seasons the team work hard to equip the organisers (that could be you) with as many tools to successfully pre plan and execute their ideas.

"We have criteria that we look for. We plan for the overall strategy of the Council and for the City and we align our projects as much as possible to that. This year it's Smart, Green, Liveable and Creative"

"So we ask questions based on that strategic plan. We want to support ideas that will contribute to a creative and liveable city and we want to make sure there’s an economic benefit (smart) and green (sustainable) aspect (to recycle and reuse)."

Some of the summer activations have already happened, including The West End Street Markets and Chillin' By The River, but coming up this weekend is the Mill Street Block Party and before the year is out, the fourth annual Boxing Day Cup will call stumps.

The next round will be in time with Winter, so get your creative hats on and start thinking about ways that you can activate spaces in the city and contribute more to your community!

Happy Friday Frienday Splash Adelaide!