Friday Frienday #007 Radio Adelaide

Welcome to Radio Adelaide, a place often referred to as the dream factory - and here's why.

Radio Adelaide is Australia's first community radio station, it was first managed by our good friend and Mr. South Australia, Keith Conlon. It has provided the starting block for journalists and media professionals for over 43 years. It's a place that welcomes you in with wide arms and big grin, and It's a station where dreams can actually become a reality.

For years, University students from The University of Adelaide have volunteered at  Radio Adelaide, learning and honing their skills in everything from news reading, production and on-air presenting. It's imperative for their development in the media industry and it's a valuable network to be involved with. But it's not just the young people that get the most from Radio Adelaide. It's our older generations, too. Every year over 400 volunteers get together to do everything from spin their favourite records on-air, to helping out at the station. It's a community that reaches far beyond their soon-to-be demolished, home at 228 North Terrace.

And that's where this Friday Frienday becomes sad. Radio Adelaide is in threat of closing. 

The University Of Adelaide sold the station's home across the road from their North Terrace Campus in order to help fund its new Medical School. It was a choice that Station General Manager Deb Welch says:

Was made a year ago in full knowledge of the implications for the station, and it came with a commitment to relocate Radio Adelaide.
— Deb Welch, Radio Adelaide

Radio Adelaide are asking the University of Adelaide to commit to the station by relocating it and funding it's future.

So our Friday Frienday post today is a shout out to Radio Adelaide and the great work they do every day, but also a call to arms to you, our friends, to get behind and support the dream factory that is Radio Adelaide. Let's not lose a community that is so valuable to the fabric of South Australia.

Share your support by using #SaveRadAd and sign the petition or subscribe to Radio Adelaide and go in the draw to win a Royal Croquet Club Drink & Ticket package.