MAKER 2017

MAKER 2017

Australia's Best & Brightest

Our great friends over at Treadly Bike Shop are again putting together MAKER, a day that shines the spotlight on the outstanding work that Australia's best and brightest Cycling Brands, Manufacturers and Frame Builders do day in, day out.

We visited last year and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, check out what went down in 2016:

2017 MAKER will again be held in Ebenezer Place on Sunday, 15th January from 11-4pm.

Our founder Daniels Langeberg will be there with an EcoCaddy for those of you curious about our trikes and the service we provide.

You can also check out the great work by Flint, Buck!t, Skingrowsback, Busyman, Velo-One, Veloposters, Ride And Seek, Bicycle Log Book, Velodrone, Hey Reflect'o, Rogers Bespoke, Curve Cycling, Maap Apparel, Fyxo, Hills & Yonder, Biketivist, Bespoke Chainrings and Creux.

See you there!

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We're looking for new team members!

2016 is coming to a close and we have a busy summer on the horizon, which means we need more people to join our ranks.

That could be you!

We're looking for enthusiasm, confidence and charisma. Working at EcoCaddy isn't just a job and our workplace isn't an office.

We believe in an open and honest environment. Our team of riders are more like a family and the managers are like the cool uncle you aspire to be. There are no individuals within our ranks and we value those that put the team first.

Being a Caddy is a hands-on role. Knowledge of the Adelaide CBD is required and working campaigns for brands is part of the job. Being an organised and an effective time manager is essential to this position.

So if you think you have what it takes to join our family, get in contact today and apply.

We'll asses you on a few different factors including how you present yourself in an email and or phone call. Experience riding pedicabs can be difficult to come by, so it's not a prerequisite. Kudos if you have it though.

So it all sounds pretty primo, right?

That's because it is. Opportunities to work with us don't come along very often, so seize this with both hands if you really want it! If the timing is wrong, tell us. We can always wait for you.

Perks of working with EcoCaddy include:

  • Awesome team environment
  • Monthly team bonding events
  • Super fun Christmas retreat
  • Getting to ride a trike, heaps
  • Meeting a diverse range of interesting people
  • Potential to grow within the business

If you want to apply, ensure you are / have / can do the following:

  • Over 18 years old
  • Have a current drivers' licence
  • Ride a Bicycle
  • (bonus points if you've got a signature dish / can deejay)

Email us: with the subject "Hello, is it me you're looking for?" and we can go from there. Applications without that subject line will still be considered.

Share this with your friends, we're looking forward to hearing from you.

Much Love,
Team EcoCaddy


Friday Frienday #24 - Splash Adelaide

Splash Adelaide-4.jpg


Visit Their Website

Ideas. We all have them. They can be big and ambitious, or small and achievable. But no matter the size, realising a dream isn't always the easiest task.

Cue Splash Adelaide.

Splash Adelaide is an Adelaide City Council initiative that started five years ago. What eventuated were events that activated spaces, communities, cultures and businesses. The Waymouth Street Party was one of the inaugural events and it overwhelmingly proved that ideas can work, you just need the right team behind you. 

And that's what makes Splash Adelaide such a wonderful initiative. If you fast forward to the present day, all of the initiatives are now community led events. It's something the three girls in charge, Vicky, Tanja and Kirsten are immensely proud of.

"It's great because it makes the city liveable. Some of the most recognisable community events started with Splash Adelaide."

Some of those include the Adelaide Night Markets, Fork In The Road and Feast On Foot, to name but a few.

The three of them became involved after working in various areas within the Adelaide City Council. We met them through our involvement with the Splash Adelaide program, running our EcoCaddy Night Rides, which you're welcome to join, by the way. 


"The ultimate aim is that we support people with ideas to the point that they can stand on their own two feet."

Each concept can apply for three seasons of support with Splash Adelaide. Over those three seasons the team work hard to equip the organisers (that could be you) with as many tools to successfully pre plan and execute their ideas.

"We have criteria that we look for. We plan for the overall strategy of the Council and for the City and we align our projects as much as possible to that. This year it's Smart, Green, Liveable and Creative"

"So we ask questions based on that strategic plan. We want to support ideas that will contribute to a creative and liveable city and we want to make sure there’s an economic benefit (smart) and green (sustainable) aspect (to recycle and reuse)."

Some of the summer activations have already happened, including The West End Street Markets and Chillin' By The River, but coming up this weekend is the Mill Street Block Party and before the year is out, the fourth annual Boxing Day Cup will call stumps.

The next round will be in time with Winter, so get your creative hats on and start thinking about ways that you can activate spaces in the city and contribute more to your community!

Happy Friday Frienday Splash Adelaide!

Friday Frienday #23 - West End Wine Store

West End Wine Store

They're On Facebook

Bottles of wines clink and clank while Dan, the owner of the Prince Albert Hotel on Wright Street, chats to us about this idea that he and his mate Jono came up with. Jono, for the record, put in careful consideration of each of the bottles on offer. The floor of the Prince Albert, constructed in 1853, squeaks as he moves across it. Just standing in the front bar, it's evident that this place has a lot of history.

Dan (on the left in the picture above) has been at the Prince Albert Hotel for five years. He came on board after the previous owners developed a reputation for good food and good service. He is just the seventh free holder in the hotel's 163-year history. His desire is to continue that good food and good service tradition extends to including equally as good wine; that's where the West End Wine Store, run by Jono, comes into play.

Jono got into wine when he was 19 and - apart from a brief stint with the Army - hasn't left it. He started working at an Adelaide Hills winery, then moved to a cellar door, before being hired by East End Cellars. Following that, he worked at The Lane Vineyard, looking after the vines, and after a string of retail jobs selling wine in Stirling he got sick of working for people and took over his parents' abandoned vineyard.

“[West End Wine Store] is unique and hard to find. We're in the quietist city of Australia, and we're in the quietist area of the Adelaide CBD - and in the quietest room of the pub, too."


After bringing that back to life, he made 3 tonne of wine in the first year. 9 tonne in the second and 32 tonne in the third - which is this year. 

Both Ben and Jonno believe the West End is in the midst of a big change. "They're (The Adelaide City Council) cleaning it up. Consumers' wants are changing, the after work pint and schnitty is no longer the desired meal."

"Because we are so hidden, people who discover us love it. 90% of our trade is from regulars."

West End Wine Store is a true-blue wine enthusiasts' store. With bottles hand picked to achieve balance, and a focus on non-commercial products, it must be high on your list of go-to places. Their tasting room is about to open, so get down to the West End Wine Store soon and let some of the flavours dance on your tastebuds.

Happy Friday Frienday West End Wine Store!

Friday Frienday #22 - Dawn Patrol Coffee Roasters

Dawn Patrol Coffee Roasters

Visit Their Website

Adelaide’s burgeoning specialty coffee scene has new cafe's and roasters sprouting up in all sorts of locations.

Some of the greatest ideas have been created, developed and delivered from cafes. Our generation’s dissatisfaction with the 9-5 office lifestyle has found us wanting something different. Something more. Co-working spaces are cropping up all over the place and a cafe with Wi-Fi is a gold mine for the creative.

With new cafes opening up every month in Adelaide, it’s easy to find a new favourite. Some of the new places we’ve had the pleasure of speaking with use the beans roasted by two of the nicest gentlemen you’ll ever come across, and people we're very humbled to call our friends, Dom and Nick of Dawn Patrol Coffee Roasters.

Their roastery is a 45-minute drive South from the Adelaide CBD, or a nice windy drive through the Adelaide Hills, and is nestled between the beautiful vines of the Yangarra Estate Winery in Kangarilla. And it’s not just specialty coffee in the sense that it’s delicious, their focus is on ethically sourced, high quality coffee beans.

“Our customers know that when by purchasing our product they are supporting a process that treats everyone, including the bean growers, fairly.”

Nick and Dom are from the UK. They made the move to Adelaide after falling in love (not with each other, though there is an obvious bromance in the air). They are dedicated to getting the best from their product and ensuring that everyone in the whole supply chain is looked after, from grower to consumer.

That’s why on Sunday’s they open the shed in their backyard, where they roast the beans, to the public for tastings or, simply, to enjoy the sunshine and natural flora and fauna.

“That is definitely the funnest part. The distance away from all the hustle and bustle serves as a filter which often encourages people to take their time, have a conversation and enjoy their experience."

Most recently they’ve been collaborating with the Wirra Wirra Winery on their Church Blend, that pays homage to their flagship wine Church Block. It’s available for tasting now at their Kangarilla home.

While you’re there, say g’day to Alfpaca the Alpaca who was bought to keep Dorothy, their resident sheep, company and of course, enjoy the serenity.

Happy Friday Frienday, Dawn Patrol!

Friday Frienday #21 - Baxter William

Baxter William

Visit his website

Baxter William left school at fifteen, moved out of home shortly after that and, with his camera by his side, began forging a career where few saw one possible. 

He first picked up a camera in year 8 and was shocked by the feedback; "people thought my photography was really good and it was after that feedback that I realised I could turn this into a career."

At school Baxter excelled in art and science and it's no coincidence that photography is a mixture of both of those elements. He developed a passion early after finding his father's camera, a modest piece of technology that taught him the basics. By his sixteenth birthday he'd saved up enough money to upgrade his set-up. 

"When I dropped out of school it was a pretty even split of advice. Some of my teachers really encouraged me and thought it was great, others completely ridiculed the idea and wanted me to stay. In the end, the decision was already made in my mind."

The decision came after Baxter skipped school for a week to shoot a Fashion Festival here in Adelaide. Halfway through they caught him doing so and that's when he made the decision to follow his passion.

"I left school and home and started couch surfing. Sometimes work was really hard to come by and that sucked, but changing up what I was doing helped solve that issue."

"Those years taught me a lot about being independent, resourceful and how to best manage my time."

He started working with musicians and eventually scored a gig working with the photography team that shoot international DJ, Tigerlilly.

"Word of mouth plays a big part" explains Baxter, when talking about how his popularity on social media has grown rapidly.

"I try to present myself as a business and as a brand, and I work as much as I can with high profile people. When you do that, you meet all sorts of people, who then introduce you to everyone else."

There is a darkside, he concedes, "I've had people hack into my instagram account and sabotage my content. That not only loses your followers but disrupts your messaging and your brand and loses the trust that you've worked so hard to build."

He's working full-time right now and has plenty on the boil, including a few projects that he's keeping under wraps. Trust us, we couldn't squeeze it out of him.

Looking ahead, Baxter is shooting the WestConnex upgrade in Sydney and will be flying over to France very soon.

We really enjoy Baxter's work and you can too via his Instagram; @baxter.william.

Happy Friday Frienday Baxter!

Friday Frienday #20 - Delinquente Wine Co.



Visit their website

Meet Greg Grigoriou; he's the owner and operator of Delinquente Wine Co and chances are he's someone  you would have seen swirling a drop at a local bar. 

When he's not producing it he's drinking it, but that doesn't automatically make him a connoisseur. In fact, he makes an effort to convince us that he isn't, "just because I make wine doesn't mean I know everything about it. I just enjoy it, my palate is pretty standard to be honest."

"It's all about identifying flavours and smells. The more you can identify the better your palate. Some people are born with it and some people train it."

If Greg were to visit a blood donation centre, there's a very good chance that Red Cross would extract wine from his veins, not blood. He grew up on a vineyard that his grandfather owned and ran, which his father then took over and eventually it came time for Greg to do something of his own. 

"You know intrinsically what you're going to do. My whole childhood was on a vineyard. My school holidays were spent between the vines. When it came time for me to do something, I didn't really want to do wine, but then I had this idea (the idea of Delinquente) and I had the contacts and I made it happen."


"My father was supportive of my idea but he didn't like a few aspects."

One of those was the fact that he put the growing region on the label. The grapes are grown in South Australia's Riverland, which, as Greg explains, isn't held in high regard around the country; "The Riverland is regarded as the home of bulk wine. Grapes are grown for bulk use, including cask wine and exports. So to promote that on your label was considered silly and my Dad disagreed with it."

But it hasn't hurt the business at all and it goes to show that a good brand is vital, which Delinquente clearly have.

"The quality to price ratio is absolutely outstanding. You can't get that anywhere else. We're growing small batch Southern Italian varieties and the conditions of the two regions match perfectly, it's hot, windy and dry. So why not promote that?"

Delinquente's branding; comic book style faces, were created by artist Jason Krause, which Greg is really proud of; "The faces are creations and they're partially designed by people that Jason knows but there's also an element of pop culture references."

"I think everyone sees someone they know or someone famous in them. When Taylor Walker had his mullet, people saw him on the label" laughs Greg.

"You need to remember that they're characters, sure they're funny looking but there's a lot of fair dinkum emotion behind it. Jason made a comic book about one of the characters and it's exceptional. It's a comic book about his origins and his existence. It's about him being a delinquent even though he doesn't want to be. They're personal and that's important."

There's 6 varieties on the market and that's more than enough according to Greg. But he's already thinking about what else he's going to work on, and that includes tackling the classic Italian beverage Grappa. We can't wait.

Bottoms up, It's Friday! 

Happy Friday Frienday Delinquente Wine Co!

Friday Frienday #19 - The Depot

The Depot-15.jpg


Visit Their Website

The Depot Collective Cafe is all about big flavour with a small footprint and at EcoCaddy we are all about Carbon Neutrality, which is one of the many reasons why this cafe ranks so highly in our books.

Brought to you by the creative mind that brought you Cafe Troppo, The Depot Collective Cafe is in a sun-drenched corner of the CBD that is rarely used - for now anyway. 

The Franklin Street / Morphett Street area is sleepy now, but in a few years it will be the hive of activity, as people move into the few new apartment blocks currently being built. 

If you're one of the lucky ones to be moving in, then The Depot Collective Cafe will be a great choice for you to visit for brunch or even meetings, as it is part of The Joinery, a great co-working meeting space!

It's not quite what Cafe Troppo is currently, and that's because owner Maddie Harris wanted to simplify the concept. 

"I've learnt a lot from Troppo and scaled back the process so we could keep ahead of the game. With Troppo, it grew so quickly we kept playing catch-up. The Depot is different and we're still ahead of the business, which is where we want to be."

It hasn't been all smooth sailing though, explains Harris; "Oh yeah the dishwasher has exploded, but at least we now know how to fix it next time" she laughs.

It might seem quiet when you visit, but it's anything but behind the scenes, with catering bringing in the majority of the business; "we have at least one big sized event that we'll be catering for each week and that could raise to three a week. On top of that we're delivering lunch around the place, so it's always busy!"

Another great factor about The Depot is the upcycling the team have done to fit the cafe out. "We ripped out a kitchen from an old Greek house and it's now the front bar and we love it."

Upcycling is not only practical, it gives the place character as Harris explains; "I can't stand IKEA furniture. It has no story and that's kind of sad. I think the IKEA fit out has been done to death." 

So, there's no IKEA here then, but there is great De Groot coffee and yummy lunch treats. Say g'day some time soon. 

Happy Friday Frienday The Depot Collective Cafe!



Friday Frienday #18 - YEWTH


Visit their website

Caleb Sweeting is one quarter of the team behind YEWTH, a magazine and website dedicated to the youth, providing great content for everyone. The other members are Dave Court, Lewis Brideson and Courtney Duka.

He was one of the first work experience students to be taken on by CityMag's Farrin Foster and Joshua Fanning, back when they were running Collect. It was an internship that taught him just about everything he knew at the time.

Born out of need, Caleb noticed in year 10 there wasn't a magazine for the skating and BMX industry. So, when a school project came up to create something similar, he jumped on the chance. They're now up to issue 6 which is about to be released and the brand is thriving.

"It was hard at first because I would go to launches, but I wasn't able to drink beer because I was under 18. That aspect also made it difficult to get sponsors on board, but eventually we got older and then reapproached those same people and we had better luck." 

After a few years of dedication, YEWTH combined forces with the 1 & 3 blog, which has given them the opportunity to produce more content and reach a wider audience.

Other than the print issue, YEWTH also DJ local night clubs and parties, with Fat Controller on Bank Street a favourite. It stems from the team ensuring they do more than less.

Sweeting's motto is that Print Is Not Dead, he loves the idea of being able to get your hands on a hard copy of something and being able to break it without any major concern. It's a rationale we truly support. Following the cease in publication of Rip It Up, and no huge player stepping in to fill the void, Issue 6 is sure to be a cracker and one that will hopefully go a long way in getting more of you reading more regularly.

Get you hands on one of the 2500 copies today and sink your teeth into some excellent content.

Happy Friday Frienday YEWTH!

Friday Frienday #17 - House Of Daggers

House of Daggers-23.jpg

House Of Daggers

Visit Their Website

Granted, House Of Daggers sounds like the headquarters of a 1970s Bond villain, but it couldn't be any further from the truth.

Firstly, it's not in Switzerland, it's on Henley Beach Road. So that's a dead giveaway; what villain would set up on Henley Beach Road? Certainly none that we can think of.

Secondly, the people that run it; Stu, Jamie and Simone, are three of the loveliest, non-evil, definitely not going to take over the world kind of people you'll meet. 

For over a year and a half, the three of them have been running House of Daggers, a professional tattoo collective. They pride themselves on their work and have recently started offering laser tattoo removal and fading.

"Everything is drawn up by hand, using the old-school method of paper and pen" laughs Stu. He's obviously very passionate about his craft, which he caught his attention at an early age, "when I was young I had a mate who's dad was a biker and I really liked his tattoos. After seeing them I decided I want to get involved in it and eventually I took an apprenticeship."

The space is truly wonderful and credit to the team who say they want to make this a comfortable and welcoming place to get a tattoo. 

If that tickles your fancy, then you'll need to book-in, as tattoos are only done by appointment, where the team run through different ideas with you. 

When it comes to the removing them, Stu says a lot of clients actually like to go bigger; "generally it's tattoos that people regret. But we can fade them out or completely go over them. It varies".

The best part of all of this is that our caddies will be getting some ink of their own - or so to speak. We'll be rolling the House of Daggers brand all next week, so keep your eyes peeled for some great designs!

Happy Friday Frienday House of Daggers!

Friday Frienday #16 - Paddy's Lantern

Paddy's Lantern

Visit their website

Paddy's Lantern is the Adelaide CBD's equivalent to Wally, the (presumably) charming bespectacled character that you need to find, hidden away in the chaos of a bustling CBD (or Roman Empire, take your pick).

While there are other cafes around the place, like Wilma, Wanda and Odlaw, none of them really match up to finding Wally. He's the real deal and finding him comes with great satisfaction. 

When you eventually do find Paddy's Lantern there is similarly a great sense of satisfaction to be had. That usually comes in exceptional coffee and delicious food, made from produce sourced locally. In fact, it's so good, you'll be led to believe that it is indeed a work of magic, performed by none other than Wizard Whitebeard.

Where's Wally comparisons aside, Paddy's Lantern can be found right out in the South West corner of the CBD. A few minutes further than our workshop, in fact. But the location was chosen on purpose, says owner Sam.

"Have you seen that ceiling?" he laughs, "There was absolutely no foot traffic. I came at different times of the day and scoped the area and it was dead, but I just backed myself in."

"I think I got in just at the right time, on the cusp of everyone talking about and wanting good coffee. Currently, I think the market is a bit saturated. It was fortunate because I hate pushing it hard on the internet" he laughs.

"Addict is a nasty word. Being dependant just sounds so much nicer than being an addict."

For Sam, Paddy's Lantern was born out of necessity. He faced a long spell on the couch following a troublesome back, which required two surgeries. Opportunities to re-enter the workforce were few and far between, so he decided to open his own place.

But it hasn't been all smooth sailing, which he puts down to his lack of willingness to take holidays and overall acceptance of a 6-day working week. Eventually it took it's toll but his loving partner supported him through and Paddy's Lantern, to our appreciation, lives on. 

Don't be a Wally, visit Paddy's for your next lunch.

Happy Friday Frienday Paddy's Lantern!

Friday Frienday #15 - Cycling For Simone Fundraiser

Happy Friday Frienday! Today's shout out is a little different to what we'd usually feature on this blog. We love South Australian businesses and we like show our support for them in whatever way we can. But today's Friday Frienday is not a business, it's a cause. 

"Cycling For Simone" is a fundraiser in honour of former record breaking jockey Simone Montgomerie, who sadly passed away in 2013 after falling from her horse. A group of family, close friends and other supporters will ride from Streaky Bay in South Australia all the way to Darwin, to raise money for the National Jockeys Trust. The odometer will hit over 3000km, with the team having already departed.

The National Jockeys Trust supports the families of the fallen and seriously injured riders around Australia and have supported the Montgomerie family, who now want to give something back. 


The trek will be done on bicycle - with one exception! Scott Leckey, pictured above, will be riding one of our EcoCaddies along the way. We're honoured to be involved in such a great cause and are proud to sponsor the team on their journey. 

We wish them the best of luck on their journey. To find out how you can support this great cause, visit their website listed above. 

Friday Frienday #14 - Archie & Co


Visit their website

Adam Hadley Darrie had a big part to play in the meteoric rise in popularity of the East End. He was part of a three person group that ran SAD Cafe and Das.Hair, both which continue to go strong without his influence. But the time came for a new adventure and he and his partner, Paul Engelhardt, set their sights on an under utilised area of the CBD.

Together they're now pouring the same innovation and enthusiasm into Archie & Co. They've opened on Carrington Street, a part of our city that is so often is ignored. Equipped with the refined knowledge of what works and what doesn't, Adam & Paul are operating the same concept of a hair salon and cafe side by side, with the added bonus of a furniture store (well, kind of). 

The move from the bustling East End might have raised the eyebrows of a few of you, but for Adam, it was all about putting the customer's expectations first - especially regulars.

"It's not as busy as Ebenezer, but for the hair salon it's better because before people would walk by or come in for only one appointment and not return. That would make us busy and it meant we couldn't look after our regulars as much" - Adam Hadley Darrie

They both live right behind Archie & Co and they're strong advocates for living in the CBD, suggesting there's no better place to be, especially when you can live, work and contribute to the fabric of the community - a sentiment we live by here at EcoCaddy!

As for the furniture; some of it's up for sale, too. They scourer the local classifieds, estate sales and of course, Gumtree, hunting for furniture and pieces that have character that, in a way, tell a story. Selling the shopfront is a unique approach to take, but it's one that has it's positives; "It allows for constant change" Paul laughs. "The idea that this furniture belonged to someone before and it has it's own story. We want to keep that story going. So people can come in, have a coffee, sit on a comfortable chair and then, if they want, buy that chair!"

Visit the salon for a chop, or grab a coffee (or a chair) on Carrington Street. 

Friday Frienday #13 - Troppo Architects

FRIDAY FRIENDAY IS BACK! If you're unfamiliar with what you're about to sink your teeth into, then take a look back through the archives of some of our previous entries. These posts are all about showing our appreciation for other amazing South Australian businesses and brands. So without further adieu, let's kick it off with none other than Troppo Architects.

We're very fond of everything that the creative minds at this iconic South Australian architecture firm create. We've paid homage to their successful and simply amazing cafe, Cafe Troppo, in the past. But now it's time to acknowledge the team behind it. 

Troppo Architects was founded in response to the need for more robust housing following the devastation caused by Cyclone Tracey in the Northern Territory. Phil Harris and Adrian Welke founded the business and together, with their small team of intelligent and hard working architects, have been picking up awards left, right and centre.

They're the true definition of the term quiet achievers; having picked up so many local, national and international awards, it would take us a lot of time to even begin listing them here. Instead, you can visit their website and take a look for yourself.

Perhaps most impressively though is Troppo's latest award, The Peter Dermoudy award for Commercial Architecture. They were awarded this significant honour for the work they've been doing in the APY lands, designing modular and transportable housing for communities in Kakadu, NT. Congratulations, Troppo!

For the team, it's all about designing Eco-Friendly, Green buildings that use locally sourced materials to passively cool and insulate the structure. With Adelaide keenly focussed on becoming Australia's first Carbon Neutral City, we couldn't think of a more suitable candidate to kick off our Friday Frienday posts after such a long absence. 

Pay Cafe Troppo a visit in the near future, or if you're a beach dweller, take a look at Henley Square, which they recently redeveloped.

EcoCaddy Night Rides

Are you tired of finishing work, going home and sitting on the couch?

Perhaps you're like us and are keen to stay in the city after the 9-5 grind is done - just like the good ol' summer months. Yeah, what a time that was.

Well friends, it doesn't have to be just memories. We can make them too - on our night rides!

With over 22 thousand kilometres chalked up on our Caddy odometers, our riders know some of our City's most intricate and fascinating details. 

Experience them for yourself and join us for a short ride around the CBD, North Adelaide and nearby suburbs as we make our way through the streets and alleys, heading to a new venue each time. 

The distances aren't long and it'll be a fun pace the whole way, we won't lose you! Ride as far as you want to but know there's always a destination with drinks & food at the end. Each destination will be revealed on the day of the ride.


Arrive: 5:45pm
Depart: 6pm


There'll be a ride departing at 6pm from the EcoCaddy Workshop every Tuesday:

May: 17th / 24th / 31st
June: 7th / 14th / 21st / 28th
July: 5th / 12th


Water Bottle
Front & Rear Lights, High-Vis also great!
Ensure you've got a bell (just so we can ding as a group and recruit new members)
Bike Lock

We encourage everyone to join us; no matter what your level of experience is or the wheel(s) you choose!

Let's Roll!

Friday Fringeday #03

Welcome to the twilight zone. It's that time we all inevitably find ourselves in. Ten days left of our favourite festival, a few days into our second favourite festival, a week away from our third favourite... equal favourite festival. Okay, so there's a lot happening. Struggling to fit it all in? Obviously. It isn't easy and that's what we're here for, to get you from A to B in no time at all!

This Clipsal weekend we're offering FREE RIDES to everyone thanks to On The Run. Due to the nature of these free rides, we're unable to take bookings - so be sure to hail us down when you see us! 

If you're stuck for what to see, make sure you check out our Review Cycle. Your response to our mobile-review station has been sensational. The best part is, you can submit your own review, too! Keep an eye out for it, it's near impossible to miss and if you've just watched a show and are busting to tell someone but can't find the caddy, ask one of our other caddies to request it for you (or just tell the person next to you, if you're that desperate) 

Speaking of people, we moved over 2000 people across the city over the first two weeks of Adelaide Fringe thanks to The Adelaide Casino. So thank you if one of those butt's were yours! It's always great fun to have you on the back. 

That's not all though - we've relaunched our day time service. We're riding around the CBD from 11am-2pm every weekday and are ready to whisk you to that next meeting or take you to a different lunch location. 

If you're looking for us this weekend, your best chances of getting a ride are at these locations:

OTR North Terrace

Garden of UnEarthly Delights

Royal Croquet Club

Rides are free thanks to OTR, so get on board & enjoy the festivities!

Friday Fringeday #02

So Adelaide we all have one week of Fringe under our belt - how are we feeling? There's a lot to see and do, which can be exhausting! Not to worry though we are here to help and can get you round from show to show in a jiffy. We are pretty damn excited about everything that we have seen and done so far that we can't wait for the next few weeks!

Last week we gave you some hints to what we would be up to over the Fringe period, let's just say you won't be disappointed. You may have seen our ReviewCycle getting about town - that looks more like a mobile photo both than pedicab at the moment - well our first reviews will be aired on Channel 44 over the coming days so be sure to check out our Facebook for updates!

It's been a week of cruising and shooting with some of the Fringe's hottest acts. We have been spending a great deal of time with Eddie Ifft, a stand up guy, shooting our Comedians in EcoCaddies show. He left us in stitches, a real hard thing to do when you are trying to ride a rickshaw at the same time. We will be airing our debut show tomorrow morning at 11am on our Youtube (be sure to subscribe) and Facebook. If you want a sneak peak check our our Instagram below.

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Whilst we are on the subject of Eddie we also hit the streets with him and Mickey D for his world famous podcast 'Talkin' Shit.' Our founder Daniels took the guys round on an EcoCaddy to the less seen parts of our CBD whilst they did what the title of the show suggests for an entire hour! Daniels' ears were literally bleeding from the banter these boys put down and there were some surprises along the way that included running into a 'five star' joker or two. All will be revealed on Eddie's podcast soon, but if you can't wait that long, head out to see his show Excess Baggage at the Garden of Unearthly Delights!


Friday Fringeday #01


You may have been anticipating our regular Friday Frienday post, but today, we're doing something a lil' bit different. This afternoon, and for the next four weeks, we'll be treating you to Friday Fringeday!

This time last year we launched our service to revolutionise the rickshaw and you responded with so much enthusiasm we were blown away. This time around, we've got a couple of aces up our sleeve and it's going to get a lot more fun.

Introducing Comedians In Caddies & ReviewCycle!

Comedians In Caddies: Watch some of the world's funniest comedians tell stories from the festival circuit on the back of an EcoCaddy as they prepare to perform live. We don't want to tell you who, because we love to surprise, but rest assured, it's going to be hilarious!

ReviewCycle: A rolling review booth that gives you the chance to review a Fringe show you've recently seen. Our trike will be decked out with lights, go pros and microphones to capture your honest, unscripted thoughts. Get on the back and submit your review for a chance to win tickets to shows in the GOUD and at the Rhino Room. This initiative is co-produced by our friends at Channel 44 and proudly sponsored by The Garden & Fringe. Could you be the next Margaret or Dave?

That's just a taste of what we'll be getting up to this Fringe, along with our nightly passenger service of course!

Be sure to download our app & save our number (0411 180 578) in your phone in case you can't find us out on the road.  

We're excited for this year's Fringe and we hope you are too! We'll see you out there Adelaide! 

Friday Frienday #012 - The Love Lettery

What is love? (Baby don't hurt me)


Ah, that old chestnut. The question we desperately seek an answer for. Valentines Day is just around the corner and while some not-so-optimistic romancers out there might dismiss it as a Halmark-Day, others, like Ella Walker & Sonia Mir of The Love Lettery, see it as a great day. 

Ella & Sonia met while working together at Renewal SA. They bonded over their love of words, having started in PR & Marketing, and the vacancy in the recently-refurbished Topham Mall spurred them into opening up what is a truly lovely idea. If you have an urge to express your admiration for someone (or perhaps, something) then visit the ladies, spend some time explaining it with them & voila, a few days later you'll have a beautifully crated love letter that you can either hand write yourself or get professional calligraphers to scribe. 

It's that old school romance that has seemingly disappeared from our technologically driven lives that spurred the ladies into action. Though, it's not all that bad, as Ella explains "I actually met my boyfriend on Tinder... but the old-school romance of writing a love letter seems to have disappeared. It's a niche idea that currently no one is offering in SA."

"This Morning, With Her, Having Coffee" - Johnny Cash, when asked for his definition of paradise. A quote the ladies adore.

While you can get a bit more hot & heavy, like one gentlemen did when with the assistance of The Love Lettery by writing his wife-to-be a special message for her wedding day, it can also be something for first time infatuation or a wedding anniversary. The ladies are like painters with a canvas and a brush, all you need to do is supply the paint.

So if you're feeling the desire to express your love to someone, then pop in and see Ella & Sonia in The Love Lettery. They may not have a PhD in Love Doctory, but they can sure prescribe your relationship a much needed dose of romance. 

Friday Frienday #011 - Market Meals

Lunch time goes a bit a like this. You're hungry but you haven't packed a lunch. You blame morning you, who blames yesterday you, for not preparing yourself lunch. Blame is no solution to your hunger though. You resolve your inner argument as you leave your office, wait in line for a meal and eat it. You return to the office with a new found motivation to make yourself a healthy meal for tomorrow. It's 9pm and you face the same dilemma. It's okay, this is a common issue for all, but, did you know that there is a solution. A solution so simple, you'll wish you'd found it earlier. It's called Market Meals, and they're our Friday Frienday for good reason.

Market Meals, run by Ryan Kris, Lucie Vano & their expert team, which includes a dietitian & great kitchen staff, exists to solve your lunchtime blues. It's an idea that grew from a conversation that Ryan and Lucie had while working in the music business. An opportunity to give some new software a run was the perfect starting block, and a property on Market Street, across from the Adelaide Central Markets, enabled it all.

Adelaide is a wonderful city and there is a growing demand for fast, healthy and affordable meals (as we've noted  previously). Market Meals caters for that demand and goes the extra mile to deliver it to your door! 

More people want healthy options. We source our ingredients fresh from the Adelaide Central Markets. We’re thinking of all the aspects of the consumption cycle and we’re reducing the carbon footprint.
— Ryan Kris, Co-Founder


Market Meals is unique, as they're not explicitly a food truck and nor are they a closed kitchen; instead they exist mainly online. It's a different way to operate, but one that certainly speaks innovation and creativity. 2016 will see a new line of pressed juices join the menu, along with increased catering services for offices and of course the same amount of supporting and encouraging a healthy community. Book a meal online and give yourself a Hi-5 when that meal is delivered, you'll deserve it.